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 Autoing with EO Bot - AutoTrainer

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PostSubject: Autoing with EO Bot - AutoTrainer   Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:38 pm

This is the best way to auto!
It includes:

Auto Melee
Walk after NPC's
Auto Health Pots
Auto Mana Pots
Party/Trade Cancel

Download it at the EO Bots Forum!

When you download it, open up "eobot.ini" and set your username, your pass, your character name, and the name of the character who can remote control it! Then dont forget to save it! Then open "eobot.exe" and go to endless online and login with the character that can remote control your other character autotraining! then go to where your other character is autotraining at! and you'll see him fighting NPC's and if you try to trade with him, he cancels! This is way better then autoing with SCAR 3.1.3!

Hope I Helped!Very Happy

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Autoing with EO Bot - AutoTrainer
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