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 Hacking the EO Jukebox (tsearch)

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PostSubject: Hacking the EO Jukebox (tsearch)   Fri May 28, 2010 4:59 pm

Yeah.... everyone can hear it not only you (I think)

1. Open tsearch and target EO
2. Go to the pub (or anywhere else that has jukebox like there was one near skyland)
3. The jukebox should be on the first song, so search 0 on tsearch
4. Change the song once and search 1
5. Change it again and search 2
6. You get the idea..so keep doing it untill you find the value that changes with the jukebox
7. Change it to whatever number you want (numbers like 999 will not work)

Enjoy Very Happy
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Hacking the EO Jukebox (tsearch)
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