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 Admin Commands for Kalandra

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PostSubject: Admin Commands for Kalandra   Sun May 23, 2010 8:39 am

I found out some commands for Kalandra:

=sit (Makes you sit)
=stand (Makes you stand)
=name.sit (Makes the player sit, example =sly.sit)
=name.stand (Makes the player stand, example =sly.stand)
=hide (Makes you hide)
=show (Makes you unhide)
=name.hide (Makes player hide, example =sly.hide)
=name.show (Makes player unhide, example =sly.show)
=name.title='HERE' (Chnages a player title, example =sly.title='Owner')
=warp(x,y,map) (warps you to a location, example =warp(44,44,5) )
=name.emote(1-20) (Makes a player emote, example =sly.emote(13) )
=emote(1-20) (Makes you emote, example =emote(13) )
=walk (Makes you walk in the direction you are standing)
=name.walk (Makes a player walk in the direction thry are standing, example =sly.walk)
=locker.open (Opens your locker)
=name.admin='1-4' (Makes a player an admin level 1-4, example =sly.admin='4')
=warp (Dismisses your pet, example =warp)
=hairstyle='1-20' (Changes your Hairstyle, example =hairstyle='3')
=name.hairstyle='1-20' (Changes a players Hairstyle, example =sly.hairstyle='3')
=haircolour='1-9' (Changes your haircolour)
=name.haircolour='1-9' (Chnages a players Haircolour)
=inventory.add(id) (Spawns an item to your inventory)
=setmob(id) (Spawns a mob to you, Mob=NPC)
=server.save (Saves)
=shutdown (Shutsdown the server)
=server.announcement='HERE' (Send a server announcement)
=name.say('HERE') (Makes a player say something)

Thats all i know of, if you know some more, post them here
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Admin Commands for Kalandra
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