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 Admin Commands for EOSERV

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PostSubject: Admin Commands for EOSERV   Sun May 23, 2010 8:41 am

These are the admin commands

Light Guide =Admin level 1
Guardian =Admin level 2
Game Master =Admin level 3
High Game Master =Admin level 4

Admin level 1 commands:

$info name (Returns information about a character, example= $info sly)
$kick name (Disconnects a player from the server, example= $kick nightwolf)
$jail name (Jails a player, example= $jail nightwolf)
$warp map x y (Warps you to a certain location, example= $warp 5 44 44)

Admin level 2 commands:

$ban name time=2h (Bans a player from the server, example= $ban ninja time=1d)
$warptome name (Warps a player to you, example= $warptome randy)
$warpmeto name (Warps you to a player, example= $warpmeto sleid)
$quake number (Makes an earthquake on the map, number=1-8, example= $quake 7)
killnpc (when your admin level 2, you could kill non-combat npc's)

Admin level 3 commands:

$sitem id amount (Spawns an item to your inventory, example= $sitem 204 5)
$ditem id amount x y (Drops an item from your inventory, lore or not, example= $ditem 365 10 7 3)
$snpc id (Spawns an npc to your location, example= $snpc 4)

Admin level 4 commands:

$shutdown (Shuts down the server, example= $shutdown)
$rehash (Reloads the configuration files, admin.ini and config.ini, example= $rehash)
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Admin Commands for EOSERV
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