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 Seose Commands

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PostSubject: Seose Commands   Sun May 23, 2010 8:48 am

Commands are grouped into their minimum admin level required. This can be changed by editing your Seose.xini file.

Light Guides

Toggles the invisible state of the player.

+info <name>
Displays information about an online character.

+find <name>
A more detailed version of the default #find command

+title <name> <title string>
Awards a player a title. Announced by the server.

+cure <name>
Removes all cursed items from a players paperdoll.


+mute <name> [reason]
Mutes a player for 1min 30sec. Anounced by the server.

+goto <name>
+goto <X> <Y>
+goto <X> <Y> <map>
Teleports the admin to the specified player, position or position/map.

+warp <name>
+warp <name> <X> <Y> <map>
Teleports another player to the admin or position/map.

+jail <name> [reason]
Jails a player. Announced by the server.

+kick <name> [reason]
Kicks a player from the server. Announced by the server.

+stitle <name> <title string>
Silenty changes a players title.

+race <name> <ID>
Changes a players race. Announced by the server.

+srace <name> <ID>
Silently changes a players race.

Game Masters

+smute <name>
Silently mutes a player for 1min 30sec.

+sjail <name>
Silently jails a player.

+skick <name>
Silently kicks a player from the server.

+item <name> [amount]
+item <ID> [amount]
Creates an item in the admins inventory.

+gitem <name> [amount]
+gitem <ID> [amount]
Creates an item on the floor, under the admin.

+spawn <ID>
Spawns an NPC at the admins current location.

High Game Masters

+admin <name> <level>
Set the admin level of a player. Announced by the server.

+sadmin <name> <level>
Silently sets the admin level of a player.

+console <console command>
Executes a console command on the server.

These commands control the server core and can by entered directly into the console or via the admin +console command.

Many of the commands are useless to the user and are uses internally.

sleep <ms>
Forces the main thread to sleep for <ms> milliseconds. Useless. Used internally.

Dramaticly reduces memory usage by swapping as much data as possible to the page file.
This will initialy reduce server performance.

terminate [exitcode]
Terminate the server. Does not save any data.

error [error string]
Forces the server to raise an exception. Useless. Used for testing.

shutdown [grace time]
Initiates a server shutdown. Online players are warned about the shutdown.

restart [grace time]
Initiates a server restart. Online players are warned about the restart.

Fast server shutdown. Data is still saved. Used internally.

Fast server restart. Used internally.

Attempts to reload configuration / data files without disconnection users. (Buggy)

msg <message>
Send a server message to all online players.
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PostSubject: Re: Seose Commands   Mon May 31, 2010 1:00 pm

where you wrote "+goto (x) (y) (map)" it's actually "+goto (map) (x) (y)"
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Seose Commands
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